"Limitless" Airframe Helmet
"Limitless" Airframe Helmet
"Limitless" Airframe Helmet
"Limitless" Airframe Helmet
"Limitless" Airframe Helmet
"Limitless" Airframe Helmet
"Limitless" Airframe Helmet

"Limitless" Airframe Helmet

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The Airframe is the ultimate airsoft helmet.
Equipped with fiberglass reinforced polymer, this helmet can take a serious beating. It is blended into a perfect unison with its 10 memory foam pads that surround the inside for a softer touch to contrast its robust outer shell. Each pad is made up of a memory foam interior and a leather exterior that has been transformed into a velvety soft suede. The H-Nape strapping features a soft velvety nap on the chin cup and the back of your neck. This strap is adjustable vertically and horizontally providing any size head with the correct fit.


  • Constructed with Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer. Extremely durable compared to regular plastic. Able to withstand almost any impact and provide increased protection from impacts, bumps, and falls.
  • 2-Piece Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Shell allows passive cooling with the Airframe design.
  • 10 Genuine Memory Foam pads with adjustable Velcro attachment points to fit all head shapes.
  • Genuine Memory Foam padding conforms to all heads because of its' unique foam property.
  • Genuine Memory Foam padding provides comfort in all day usage situations. Skull fatigue is completely erased from the equation.
  • Padded Leather Chin Cup grips your chin with ultra soft material for all day comfort
  • Padded Leather Nape Strap grips the back of your neck with ultra soft material for a secure hold
  • Active Ventilation with Airframe two-panel design as you walk and run
  • Pre-Drilled Three Hole NVG Pattern
  • Wilcox Three-Hole Shroud Mount [OEM on Team Wendy Helmets]

Helmet cover size: Large
Fits M-XL Heads. 

  • Front to back w/ pads on and nape pad fully extended: 9.5"
  • Side to Side w/ pads on: 8.25"

​Helmet weight: 3.5 lbs
Helmet Cover Size: Large


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