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Limitless Airframe Helmet V.2 w/ Wilcox L4 Shroud (BLACK)

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The Evolution of the Legendary Limitless Helmet
It's been 4 years of constant revision of the current iteration of the Limitless Airframe V1. Throughout this time, we've listened, you guys have wanted something more. We've done just that, here are the new V2 additions

  1. improving our shell durability and new paint coating over the fiberglass reinforced polymer shell
  2. all new long-lasting foam padding, sturdier than the previous generation solving the issue of customers complaining that the original foam was wearing out and they could feel the fiberglass reinforced polymer
  3. New sizing S/M and L/XL will now be truly one-size fits all
  4. Free velcro kit set for every V2 generation Limitless Airframe order
  5. Customized padding catered to the individual user, new pads and velcro stickers are no longer pre-attached because you know best how your head sits inside your helmet
  6. All buckles and clamps redone and polished to produce zero jagged edges and seamless clipping and smooth size adjustment
  7. Upgraded and improved sturdier helmet side rails will no longer produce wiggling motion upon use of heavier accessories such as tactical flashlights, headsets, and more
  8. New contrasting side rails and NVG shroud coloration; Ranger Green w/ black trim; Coyote Brown w/ desert trim
  9. New carbon fiber trim for those extra style points

Thanks for all your suggestions. I know the Limitless V2 Airframe is going to blow all your expectations away. This is a helmet by the community, for the community. Enjoy. 

Best Wishes,
Jacky from JC Airsoft

Helmet cover size: S/M or X/XL
Fits S-XL Heads. 

  • Head Circumference 21" ~ 23" Recommended Sizing S/M
  • Head Circumference 23" ~ 25" Recommended Sizing L/XL

​Helmet weight: 3 lbs