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Limitless Airframe with NIJ level IIIA 3A Aramid Bulletproof Rating

Limitless Airframe with NIJ level IIIA 3A Aramid Bulletproof Rating - JC Airsoft

Limitless Airframe with NIJ level IIIA 3A Aramid Bulletproof Rating

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The Most Comfortable Helmet Ever, Now Bulletproof

Retrofitters have introduced bulletproof technology to our Limitless Airframe. Capable of NIJ level IIIA 9mm and .44 Magnum calibers. You now have real steel gear that you can run on deployment and in-game.

Ballistic Performance:

  • Fully NIJ IIIA 0106.01 Compliant
  • Tested against .44 magnum and .357 SIG with ZERO penetration
  • US DOT&E’s BFD protocol (9mm BFD/BFS Test) Compliant
  • Test Report Shows Lowest BFD (Backface Deformation) Is 2mm and the highest is 10mm
  • The USA Department of Defence requires 5 test shots using 9mm, front and back MAX BFD allowed is less than 25mm and the crown's MAX BFD must be less than 16mm - This is the highest BFD requirement in the USA FOR BALLISTIC HELMET PERFORMANCE
  • Passes ballistic impact attenuation test (Only Available In NIJ IIIA 0106.01 Compliance Tested Helmets)
  • V50 ballistic limit tested according to EU Stanag 2920 & USA MIL-STD-662F standard. Results are between 670m/s (2198ft/s) to 700m/s (2290ft/s).
  • Tests performed by BMT, the most prestigious ballistic testing lab in Australia.
  • Email us at to receive all reports from the testing center.

Specifications and Features:

  • Imported Twaron Aramid Helmet Shell
  • 4-Point H-Nape liner made with genuine leather
  • 3.25lbs fully assembled
  • Genuine memory foam padding set offers extreme comfort
  • Premium Limitless Airframe aerospace aluminum NVG mount
  • Metal hog ring knot at bungee ends secures your night vision


  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Ask us for the test report
  • M/LG fits 21.5"-23.65" heads measured around the forehead

Shipping and Returns:

You can return the helmet at any time within 30 days if you are not satisfied. After we have received the product we will refund you if:

  1. A quality issue has been detected. We will also require images detailing the issues before accepting a return.
  2. If the product has been returned without any defect, we will charge a fee.

Customer's Love Us

It's no secret why...

I ran JC Airsoft in Operation Jackal and I did not regret it for one second. The entire weekend, two-day event, I didn't have any head fatigue at all. The padding is a world of difference. I compare it to a real Team Wendy Helmet.

Jonathan From Airsoftlogy

I got to say it's probably the best reproduction of the Crye Airframe, if not, actually one of the best repros i've seen in airsoft just due to its' overall quality.

Robo Murray Airsoft

I have at least 30 hours under the Limitless Airframe with my PVS-14 NVG. This is without a doubt the best investment if you're gonna run a night vision or camera and battery pack.

Patrick from Room Service Airsoft
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