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Log #1

Hey to you and happy new years. Cheers to a great 2018. For the past several years JC Airsoft has been a side project of mine and for some reason it has garnered so much attention from many prominent airsoft players.

Ex: Jonathan from Airsoftology, Room Service Airsoft, and Robo Murray.

Pretty cool right? Anyways, i'm going to try this year to grow JC Airsoft just a tad bit more but enough that it won't take up all of my time. My main time eater is which is an LED Lighting company that i've been working on. I've been working on growing the online presence, constructing a new showroom for all of our led lighting products for indoor and outdoor, switching up the legacy systems, and providing a higher sense of organization.

Airsoft is still a passion of mine and I love it. Depending on how the launch of this online store goes i'll divide my time fairly. But as of now, I just think supplying cool equipment to some cool airsoft cats is pretty fun but not something that could support a person or a family financially. That doesn't mean i'm not putting in 100% though so always be ready for my amazing ass customer service and prompt responses. 

Thanks all.

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