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Limitless Airframe Helmet V1

Limitless Airframe Helmet V1 - JC Airsoft

Limitless Airframe Helmet V1

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Rated The #1 Airsoft Repro Helmet
Equipped with fiberglass-reinforced polymer, this helmet can take a serious beating. It is blended into perfect unison with its 10 memory foam pads that surround the inside for a softer touch to contrast its robust outer shell. Each pad is made up of a memory foam interior and a leather exterior that has been transformed into a velvety soft suede. The H-Nape strapping features a soft velvety nap on the chin cup and the back of your neck. This strap is adjustable vertically and horizontally providing any size head with the correct fit.


  • Constructed with Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer. Extremely durable compared to regular plastic. Able to withstand almost any impact and provide increased protection from impacts, bumps, and falls.
  • 2-Piece Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Shell allows passive cooling with the Airframe design.
  • 10 Genuine Memory Foam pads with adjustable Velcro attachment points to fit all head shapes.
  • Genuine Memory Foam padding conforms to all heads because of its' unique foam property.
  • Genuine Memory Foam padding provides comfort in all day usage situations. Skull fatigue is completely erased from the equation.
  • Padded Leather Chin Cup grips your chin with an ultra-soft material for all-day comfort
  • Padded Leather Nape Strap grips the back of your neck with an ultra-soft material for a secure hold
  • Active Ventilation with Airframe two-panel design as you walk and run
  • Pre-Drilled Three Hole NVG Pattern
  • Fast Shroud Mount

Helmet cover size: Large
Fits M-XL Heads. 

  • Front to back w/ pads on and nape pad fully extended: 9.5"
  • Side to Side w/ pads on: 8.25"

​Helmet weight: 3.5 lbs
Helmet Cover Size: Large


Customer's Love Us

It's no secret why...

I ran JC Airsoft in Operation Jackal and I did not regret it for one second. The entire weekend, two-day event, I didn't have any head fatigue at all. The padding is a world of difference. I compare it to a real Team Wendy Helmet.

Jonathan From Airsoftlogy

I got to say it's probably the best reproduction of the Crye Airframe, if not, actually one of the best repros i've seen in airsoft just due to its' overall quality.

Robo Murray Airsoft

I have at least 30 hours under the Limitless Airframe with my PVS-14 NVG. This is without a doubt the best investment if you're gonna run a night vision or camera and battery pack.

Patrick from Room Service Airsoft
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