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"Mammal" Fast Helmet - NIJ IIIA Protection

"Mammal" Helmet - NIJ IIIA Protection - JC Defense - JC Airsoft

"Mammal" Fast Helmet - NIJ IIIA Protection

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The #1 FAST helmet for law enforcement, military, and private security.

The Mammal Helmet is the only all-day solution for special operations forces worldwide. The ultra-lightweight NIJ IIIA bulletproof shell weighs in at only 2.2 lbs. 

A high-cut shell acts as a control center for your communications device, flashlights, cameras, NVG, battery packs, signalers, and any rail-mountable accessory.

Significantly lighter than PASGT, MICH, and ECH helmets while offering the same high-level protection against ballistics and shrapnel.

  • Bulletproof - Constructed from next-generation UHMWPE (Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene) to provide the same NIJ IIIA protection as Kevlar while reducing the weight dramatically. Resists shotgun slugs, 9mm, .44 mag, .40 cal, and other lesser ammunition.
  • All-day field comfort - Choose between the TW or OC liner system, the best systems in the market. Route cables from side rail between liner channels.
  • Fits most heads - Adjustable dials tighten and conform to any head shape or size giving you a zero wobble helmet system. Your head and helmet system become one unit, feel true weightlessness.
  • Ultra-lightweight - Weighs in at 2.866 lbs. Ideal for multi-day operations. The lightest helmet ever made with zero compromises on safety.
  • Comm Systems - High ear cuts allow you to adapt any communication system to the side rails.
  • Skeleton Shroud - Forged aluminum shroud mounts any NVG and comes with safety shock cords
  • Velcro loop kit - Pre-installed. Mount any third-party accessory.
  • Comfortable fit- The 4-point adjustable straps makes this helmet feel like one unit with your head movements with zero wobble or play.
Suspension/Retention Systems:
Retrofitted Team Wendy system
  • The highest-rated liner and retention system in the market installed onto the Mammal. The TW EPIC Air liner system features a 1/2" thick impact liner with integrated air channels. It is the absolute best liner system for ground combat and is compatible with all communication headsets.
  • 4-point clockwise cable-dialing suspension system.
  • 2 layer padding design offers maximum comfort and stabilization.
  • Full helmet setup with TW retention system weighs in only at 2.866 lbs.
Ops-Core System
  • The standard for the FAST helmets worldwide. This liner uses EPA foam as the impact layer with true memory foam cushion padding to soften impacts while being able to fit any size head using the adjustable tensioning dial.
  • Full helmet setup with TW retention system weighs in only at 2.99 lbs.


Testing Standards:
  • Tested in USA laboratories to be NIJ IIIA 0106.01 compliant
  • Tested against 9MM and .44 Magnum with zero penetration
  • Performance exceeds standard blunt trauma/impact ratings.
Fit and Sizing:
  • Head circumference measured around the forehead: 20 7/8" - 23 1/4" (53-59 cm)
  • US Head Size: 6 3/4 to 7 3/8 (fits almost all heads)
  • Chrinstap size (measured from chin to back of the head): 24.5"-29" (62-74cm)
  • View image size guide


  • Lifetime guarantee - We guarantee that all ballistic helmets will be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use.

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I ran JC Airsoft in Operation Jackal and I did not regret it for one second. The entire weekend, two-day event, I didn't have any head fatigue at all. The padding is a world of difference. I compare it to a real Team Wendy Helmet.

Jonathan From Airsoftlogy

I got to say it's probably the best reproduction of the Crye Airframe, if not, actually one of the best repros i've seen in airsoft just due to its' overall quality.

Robo Murray Airsoft

I have at least 30 hours under the Limitless Airframe with my PVS-14 NVG. This is without a doubt the best investment if you're gonna run a night vision or camera and battery pack.

Patrick from Room Service Airsoft
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