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Soft Shell 9mm Pistol Mag Pouch with Belt Clip

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This Pistol Mag Pouch Is SUPER SNUG. It will hold your 9mm mags like a charm and release only when pulled.

  • Quick-release design reduces reload cycle time.
  • Molded channels control the direction of the mag and protect the binding cord to eliminate all snags
  • Weighs only 0.3 lbs
  • Built with durable TRP and Nylon from extreme waterproofing
  • Includes 2 attachments. A 1.75" (or smaller) belt clip and molle adaptor.
  • Elastic cord can be loosened or tightened to fit your mag snug and prevent accidental drops
  • Use for pistol mags, flashlights, tourniquets, or any other game items

Customer's Love Us

It's no secret why...

I have at least 30 hours under the Limitless Airframe with my PVS-14 NVG. This is without a doubt the best investment if you're gonna run a night vision or camera and battery pack.

I ran JC in Operation Jackal and I did not regret it for one second. The entire weekend, two-day event, I didn't have any head fatigue at all. The memory foam padding is a world of difference. I compare it to a Team Wendy Helmet.

I got to say it's probably the best reproduction of the Crye Airframe, if not, actually one of the best helmets i've ever used just due to its' overall quality.